SUSSEX ACADEMY Free Taster Sessions

Free Taster Sessions

Our free taster sessions are the ideal way to find out if LPA Academy is a good fit for you.

You can request to join one of our courses as a trial. This includes attending two sessions to allow your child to find out what happens during a session and to see if it is something that they’d like to pursue.


What to expect

We welcome children aged of 4 to 14. During the trial they will participate in a warm-up session followed by structured drills to practice technique before engaging in a match. These sessions are designed to help them develop physically, tactically and socially. We introduce the rules of the game and the principles of sportsmanship and the importance of working with a team to achieve the best outcome  – and have fun too!

In the course of the taster session, our trained staff will evaluate your child’s performance level and direct them to the most appropriate group to enable them to feel comfortable and confident. Sessions last one hour and we ask parents to arrive 10 minutes before the session begins to allow for preliminary introductions etc…


What to wear

Please wear football boots if you have them, otherwise sturdy trainers are advised, shorts and t-shirt and knee-length socks with shin pads if you have them. We recommend wearing thermals underneath during colder winter months, and a fleece pullover which can be removed once you have warmed up. Please also bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

If you wish to continue after the trial period, we can order team kit for you at special prices.


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